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'3 open compartments'
Almirah with 4 shelves making 5 compartments. Size: 78"Hx36"Wx19"D. Key feature: all shelves are adjustable, lock can be single/double operating system. In this category, we do manufacture: Locker Almirah, Security Almirah, Gold Loan Almirah, Pigeon-Hole Almirah(12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 72), Sliding Door Almirah.
Storage Rack Ideal for Library, Factory, workshop, offices. Made from slotted angle. Standard size: 78"H x 36"W x 18"D/15"D with 6shelves/5compartments. Non-standard size: up to 10feet height also available and shelves can be provided as per requirements.
Class Room Chair. Made from 3/4"steel tube having half writing pad with modular shell.
Class Room Chair. Made from 3/4"steel tube having full writing pad with modular shell.
Visitor's Chair Ideal for Lobby/Lounge/Visitor Room. 2seater, 3seater, 4seater, with or without Handel available. Made from Stainless Steel/Crome plated structure.
Locker Cabinet/Almirah. 8 to 30 lockers in single or separate unit available. Key features : non interchangeable lock. Individual pad loving arrangements.Name plates holder.
Gun Cabinet. Size: 72"Hx30"Wx17"D(approx) With one shelf to store the magazines and Cartridges, clamps to house the single Barrel or Double Barrel Guns vertically and with double guardian inside three way locking and outside pad locking device.
Officer Table Size: 54"Lx30"Wx30"H(approx)
Assistant Table. Size: 48"Lx24"Wx30"H(approx)